Note: Nova Scotia Church Directory’s mandate is to provide a comprehensive listing of current Christian churches in Nova Scotia. We do not list non-Canadian, non-Christian, or defunct congregations. If you are trying to track down a church that no longer exists, we suggest searching for other churches in that city and/or denomination and asking them for more assistance.

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Okay, you asked me to show you all churches in Truro, NS. Let’s see what I found.

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Churches in Truro, NS

Edit Bible Hill St. David's Pastoral ChargeBible Hill St. David's Pastoral Charge

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
18 St. David's Avenue
Truro, NS

Edit Brunswick Street United ChurchBrunswick Street United Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
250 Brunswick Street
Truro, NS

Edit Calvary Pentecostal ChurchCalvary Pentecostal Church

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
20 Curtis Dr
P O Box 1345
Truro, NS

Edit Central Nova Wesleyan ChurchCentral Nova Wesleyan Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
38 Pleasant St
Truro, NS

Edit Church of Christ-truro Nova ScotiaChurch of Christ-truro Nova Scotia

Affiliated with Church of Christ
295 Glenwood Dr
Truro, NS

Edit Clifton Pastoral ChargeClifton Pastoral Charge

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Rr 1
Truro, NS

Edit Coldstream Pastoral ChargeColdstream Pastoral Charge

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Truro, NS

Edit Cornerstone AssemblyCornerstone Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
14 Cornerstone Drive
Truro, NS

Edit Crossroads Baptist ChurchCrossroads Baptist Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
P O Box 1877
Truro, NS

Edit First United Baptist ChurchFirst United Baptist Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
759 Prince St
Truro, NS

Edit First United ChurchFirst United Church

Affiliated with United Church of Canada
P.o. Box 185 Prince Street
Truro, NS

Edit Full Gospel AssemblyFull Gospel Assembly

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
72 Golf St
Truro, NS

Edit Grace Independent Baptist ChurchGrace Independent Baptist Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
71 Crowell Drive
Truro, NS

Edit Hi-way Pentecostal TabernacleHi-way Pentecostal Tabernacle

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Box 650
Truro, NS

Edit Immaculate Conception ChurchImmaculate Conception Church

Affiliated with Roman Catholic Church
669 Prince St P.o Box 577
Truro, NS

Edit Immanuel United Baptist ChurchImmanuel United Baptist Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
P.o. Box 1414
Truro, NS

Edit John Calvin Christian Reformed ChurchJohn Calvin Christian Reformed Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Po Box 711
Truro, NS

Edit Lower Onslow United ChurchLower Onslow United Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Rr #5
Truro, NS

Edit Maritime District Conference District OfficeMaritime District Conference District Office

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Po Box 1184
Truro, NS

Edit Mcculloch United ChurchMcculloch United Church

Affiliated with United Church of Canada
Rr 3
Truro, NS

Edit Onslow-belmont Pastoral ChargeOnslow-belmont Pastoral Charge

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Rr 5
Truro, NS

Edit Salvation Army Truro Corps theSalvation Army Truro Corps the

Affiliated with Salvation Army
301 Salmon River Rd
Rr #3
Truro, NS

Edit St Andrew's United ChurchSt Andrew's United Church

Affiliated with United Church of Canada
Po Box 844
Truro, NS

Edit St James Presbyterian ChurchSt James Presbyterian Church

Affiliated with Presbyterian (denomination Unknown)
P O Box 1313 Treasurer
Truro, NS

Edit St Paul's Presbyterian ChurchSt Paul's Presbyterian Church

Affiliated with Presbyterian (denomination Unknown)
Rr #5
Truro, NS

Edit The Peoples ChurchThe Peoples Church

Affiliated with Associated Gospel Churches of Canada
15 Elm Street - Box 393
Truro, NS

Edit Truro Christian Fellowship ChurchTruro Christian Fellowship Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Attn Donald Wells Treasurer Po Box 1796
Truro, NS

Edit Truro Church of the NazareneTruro Church of the Nazarene

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
60 Edgewood Drive
Truro, NS

Edit Truro Heights United Baptist ChurchTruro Heights United Baptist Church

Affiliated with Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
343 Truro Heights Rd.
Truro Heights, NS

Edit Truro Vineyard Christian FellowshipTruro Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Affiliated with Vineyard Churches Canada
P.o. Box 1512
Truro, NS

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Cities in NS

  1. Advocate, NS
  2. Advocate Harbour, NS
  3. Albert Bridge, NS
  4. Amherst, NS
  5. Anna Co, NS
  6. Annapolis Co, NS
  7. Annapolis Royal, NS
  8. Antigonish, NS
  9. Antigonish County, NS
  10. Arcadia Yarmouth Co, NS
  11. Arichat, NS
  12. Aspen, NS
  13. Avonport Kings County, NS
  14. Aylesford, NS
  15. Aylesford Kings Co, NS
  16. Baccaro, NS
  17. Baddeck, NS
  18. Barney's River, NS
  19. Barrington, NS
  20. Barrington Passage, NS
  21. Barrington Shelburne Co, NS
  22. Barton, NS
  23. Barton Digby Co, NS
  24. Bass River, NS
  25. Bass River Col Co, NS
  26. Bear River, NS
  27. Beaver Bank, NS
  28. Bedford, NS
  29. Beechville, NS
  30. Belmont, NS
  31. Berwick, NS
  32. Bible Hill, NS
  33. Bickerton West, NS
  34. Big Bras D'or, NS
  35. Big Pond, NS
  36. Birch Grove, NS
  37. Blockhouse, NS
  38. Bras D'or, NS
  39. Bridgetown, NS
  40. Bridgewater, NS
  41. Bridgewater Lun Co, NS
  42. Broad Cove Inverness County, NS
  43. Brookfield, NS
  44. Brookland, NS
  45. Brooklyn, NS
  46. Brooklyn Queens County, NS
  47. Caledonia Queens Co, NS
  48. Cambridge Station, NS
  49. Canning, NS
  50. Canning Kings Co, NS
  51. Canso, NS
  52. Cape Breton, NS
  53. Carleton, NS
  54. Centreville, NS
  55. Centreville Kings Co, NS
  56. Centreville, Kings Co., NS
  57. Chester, NS
  58. Chester Basin, NS
  59. Cheticamp, NS
  60. Church Point, NS
  61. Clam Point, NS
  62. Clark's Harbour, NS
  63. Clarks Harbour, NS
  64. Clementsport, NS
  65. Cleveland, NS
  66. Clyde River, NS
  67. Colchester, NS
  68. Colchester Co, NS
  69. Colchester County, NS
  70. Coldbrook, NS
  71. Cole Harbour, NS
  72. Collingwood, NS
  73. Country Harbour, NS
  74. Creignish, NS
  75. Dartmouth, NS
  76. Dartmouth, NS
  77. Dartmouth, NS
  78. Dartmouth, NS
  79. Debert, NS
  80. Descousse Richmond Co, NS
  81. Digby, NS
  82. Digby Co, NS
  83. Digby Co., NS
  84. Digby County, NS
  85. Dingwall, NS
  86. Dominion, NS
  87. East Bay, NS
  88. East Green Harbour, NS
  89. Eastern Passage, NS
  90. Economy Col Co, NS
  91. Ellershouse, NS
  92. Elmsdale Hants Co, NS
  93. Enfield, NS
  94. Englishtown, NS
  95. Eskasoni, NS
  96. Eureka, NS
  97. Fall River, NS
  98. Falmouth, NS
  99. Florence, NS
  100. Fourchu, NS
  101. Freeport, NS
  102. Gabarus Lake Cb, NS
  103. Glace Bay, NS
  104. Goldboro, NS
  105. Granville Ferry, NS
  106. Great Village, NS
  107. Greenwood, NS
  108. Guys Co, NS
  109. Guysboro County, NS
  110. Guysborough, NS
  111. Guysborough Co, NS
  112. Guysborough Co., NS
  113. Guysborough County, NS
  114. Halifax, NS
  115. Halifax, NS
  116. Halifax, NS
  117. Halifax County, NS
  118. Hammonds Plains, NS
  119. Hampton, NS
  120. Hants Co, NS
  121. Hants County, NS
  122. Hantsport, NS
  123. Hardwood Lands, NS
  124. Hatchet Lake, NS
  125. Havre Boucher, NS
  126. Head Chezzetcook, NS
  127. Head of Jeddore, NS
  128. Heatherton, NS
  129. Herring Cove, NS
  130. Higginsville Halifax Co., NS
  131. Hillsburn, NS
  132. Hillside Boularderie, NS
  133. Hopewell, NS
  134. Hubbards, NS
  135. Ingonish, NS
  136. Ingonish Beach, NS
  137. Inverness, NS
  138. Iona, NS
  139. Isaacs Harbour, NS
  140. Joggins, NS
  141. Judique, NS
  142. Kemptville Yarmouth Co, NS
  143. Kennetcook, NS
  144. Kentville, NS
  145. Kings Co., NS
  146. Kings County, NS
  147. Kingston, NS
  148. Kingston, NS
  149. L'ardoise, NS
  150. Lake Charlotte, NS
  151. Lake Echo, NS
  152. Lake Fletcher, NS
  153. Lakeside, NS
  154. Lantz, NS
  155. Larry's River, NS
  156. Lawrencetown, NS
  157. Lequille, NS
  158. Liverpool, NS
  159. Lochaber, NS
  160. Lockeport, NS
  161. Louisbourg, NS
  162. Louisdale, NS
  163. Lower Five Islands, NS
  164. Lower Sackville, NS
  165. Lower Sackville, NS
  166. Lower Woods Harbour, NS
  167. Lr Sackville, NS
  168. Lr. Sackville, NS
  169. Lunenburg, NS
  170. Lunenburg Co, NS
  171. Lunenburg County, NS
  172. Lwr Sackville, NS
  173. Lwr-sackville, NS
  174. Mabou, NS
  175. Maccan, NS
  176. Mahone Bay, NS
  177. Main-a-dieu, NS
  178. Maitland, NS
  179. Malagash, NS
  180. Marble Mountain, NS
  181. Margaree, NS
  182. Margaree Centre, NS
  183. Margaree Valley, NS
  184. Margaretville, NS
  185. Marion Bridge, NS
  186. Merigomish, NS
  187. Merigomish Pictou County, NS
  188. Merisomish, NS
  189. Meteghan, NS
  190. Micmac, NS
  191. Middle La Have, NS
  192. Middle Mosquodoboit Hfx C, NS
  193. Middle Musquodoboit, NS
  194. Middle West Pubnico, NS
  195. Middleton, NS
  196. Middlewood, NS
  197. Milford, NS
  198. Milford Station, NS
  199. Mill Village, NS
  200. Mill Village Queens Co, NS
  201. Millville, NS
  202. Milton, NS
  203. Milton Queens Co, NS
  204. Minesville, NS
  205. Mineville, NS
  206. Monastery, NS
  207. Monastery Tracadie, NS
  208. Morden, NS
  209. Moser River, NS
  210. Mount Uniacke, NS
  211. Mt Uniacke, NS
  212. Mulgrave, NS
  213. Musquodoboit Harbour, NS
  214. New Chester, NS
  215. New Germany, NS
  216. New Germany Lun Co, NS
  217. New Glasgcow, NS
  218. New Glasgow, NS
  219. New Glasgow, NS
  220. New Glasgow Pictou Co, NS
  221. New Harris, NS
  222. New Mina, NS
  223. New Minas, NS
  224. New Victoria, NS
  225. New Waterford, NS
  226. Newport, NS
  227. Newport Hants County, NS
  228. Nine Mile River, NS
  229. North Sydney, NS
  230. Nova Scotia, NS
  231. Orangdale, NS
  232. Orangedale, NS
  233. Orangeville, NS
  234. Oxford, NS
  235. Oxford Jet, NS
  236. Paradise, NS
  237. Paradise Anna Co, NS
  238. Parrsboro, NS
  239. Pictou, NS
  240. Pictou Co., NS
  241. Pictou County, NS
  242. Pictouco, NS
  243. Pleasantville, NS
  244. Plympton, NS
  245. Pomquet, NS
  246. Port Clyde Shelburns County, NS
  247. Port Hastings, NS
  248. Port Hawkesbury, NS
  249. Port Morien, NS
  250. Port Mouton, NS
  251. Port Mouton Queens Co, NS
  252. Port Royal, NS
  253. Port Williams, NS
  254. Porters Lake, NS
  255. Pubnico-est, NS
  256. Pugwash, NS
  257. Queen's County, NS
  258. Queens Co, NS
  259. Queens Co., NS
  260. Queens County, NS
  261. Reserve Mines, NS
  262. Richmond County, NS
  263. River Bourgeois, NS
  264. River Denis, NS
  265. River Denys, NS
  266. River Hebert, NS
  267. River John, NS
  268. River Ryan, NS
  269. Riverport, NS
  270. Rose Bay, NS
  271. Rose Bay Lun Co, NS
  272. Rr #1, NS
  273. Sackville, NS
  274. Salmon River Digby Co, NS
  275. Saltsprings Pictou Co, NS
  276. Sandy Cove, NS
  277. Sandy Cove Digby Co, NS
  278. Sandy Cove Digby County, NS
  279. Saulnierville, NS
  280. Scotch Village, NS
  281. Scotsburn, NS
  282. Shad Bay, NS
  283. Shag Harbour-shelburne, NS
  284. Sheet Harbour, NS
  285. Shelb Co, NS
  286. Shelburne, NS
  287. Shelburne Co, NS
  288. Shelburne County, NS
  289. Shell Co., NS
  290. Shenacadie, NS
  291. Sherbrooke, NS
  292. Shubenacadie, NS
  293. Shubenacadie, NS
  294. Smith's Cove, NS
  295. South Bar, NS
  296. South Brookfield, NS
  297. South Lochaber, NS
  298. South Ohio, NS
  299. South Range, NS
  300. South West Margaree, NS
  301. Southampton, NS
  302. Springfield, NS
  303. Springhill, NS
  304. Springville, NS
  305. Spryfield, NS
  306. Spryfield Halifax, NS
  307. St. Andrew's, NS
  308. St. Peter's, NS
  309. St. Peters, NS
  310. Ste-anne-du-ruisseau, NS
  311. Stellarton, NS
  312. Stewiacke, NS
  313. Stirling Richmond Co, NS
  314. Strathlorne Inverness Co, NS
  315. Summerville, NS
  316. Sunny Brae Pictou Co, NS
  317. Sunnybrae, NS
  318. Sydney, NS
  319. Sydney Mines, NS
  320. Sydney River, NS
  321. Tancook Island, NS
  322. Tangiers, NS
  323. Tantallon, NS
  324. Tatamagouche, NS
  325. Tema, NS
  326. Terence Bay, NS
  327. Thorburn, NS
  328. Thorburn Pictou Co, NS
  329. Tiddville, NS
  330. Timberlea, NS
  331. Trenton, NS
  332. Trenton Pictou Co, NS
  333. Truro, NS
  334. Truro, NS
  335. Truro Heights, NS
  336. Tusket, NS
  337. Tusket Yarmouth Co, NS
  338. Upper Musquodoboit, NS
  339. Upper Rawdon, NS
  340. Upper Stewiacke, NS
  341. Upper Tantallon, NS
  342. Victoria Vale, NS
  343. Wallace, NS
  344. Walton, NS
  345. Waterville, NS
  346. Waterville Kings County, NS
  347. Wedgepart, NS
  348. Wedgeport, NS
  349. Wellington, NS
  350. Wentworth, NS
  351. West Arichat, NS
  352. West Chezzetcook, NS
  353. Westchester, NS
  354. Westchester Sta Cumb Co, NS
  355. Western Shore, NS
  356. Westport, NS
  357. Westville, NS
  358. Weymouth, NS
  359. Whycocomagh, NS
  360. Williamswood, NS
  361. Wilmot, NS
  362. Windsor, NS
  363. Wolfville, NS
  364. Yarmouth, NS
  365. Yarmouth Co, NS
  366. Yarmouth County, NS
  367. Yarmoutn Co, NS

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